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Haida | DIY Red Cedar Cabins For Sale

Haida | DIY Red Cedar Cabins For Sale

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THE CEDARSHED PREFAB HAIDA CABIN KIT comes completely panelized in a DIY shed kit and requires no cutting. Simply attach the wooden panels together with the screws provided and move in! The small cabin kit offers an affordable way to experience outdoor living and makes a perfect backyard guest house or small office.  Free Shipping, Always!

OSB Roof Option: Your shed kit comes with pre-framed roof panels with OSB sheathing on top. Install your choice of shingles or metal roofing.

Shed Kit Features:
• Available in 3 sizes - 9' x  6', 12' x 8' and 12' x 10'

• 100% Western Red cedar exterior finishing
• 6' High pre-built wall panels
• Includes solid door - W 36" x H 71"
• Pre-shingled roof panels for cedar shingle model only
• Plywood floor boards with 2x4 floor joists
• 2 Half-awning windows - W 32" x H 45"
• No cutting required
• All the required assembly hardware and included

Customize Your Small Cabin Kit Plans!
• Replace the Dutch Door with a Double Door
• Save on a No-roof Shingles option - Call us for details
• Add functional or non-functional windows
• Save $200 on options - View all

H96 | H128 | H1210

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